Biochar for Farmers Workshop: Sunday October 13th 1 - 4pm

Building soil fertility and resiliency is increasingly challenging and costly. Attending this workshop will help you understand what biochar is and how it can be used to improve soil, while mitigating potential environmental impacts caused by agriculture. Agronomists from Cornell and key biochar industry practitioners will facilitate an interactive ‘Biochar for Farmers’ workshop where you will learn how biochar is made and used, how soil can benefit from biochar, and get answers to any questions you might have about biochar.

Teenager Taking the Biochar World By Storm!

Our youngest presenter, Meghana Rao, age 17, already has quite an impressive resume. Meghana hails from Portland Oregon and was introduced to the world of biochar more than three years ago by Tom Miles and John Meidema, both of whom are also presenting at the Symposium. Based on winning the Young Naturalist Award when she was a sophomore in high school, Meghana was asked to go to the White House earlier this year with about 100 other winners of various prestigious science awards.

Chats with the Chief Charista

For the past nine months or so, I’ve had the privilege of serving on the Planning Committee for the 2013 North American Biochar Symposium at UMass Amherst along with many other dedicated volunteers.  The workshops or sessions have been sliced into four different tracks: Feedstock & Production; Benefits & Uses; Policy & Community and Sales, Scale & Marketing.  I nabbed the B&U track as this is where my particular interest lies within the whole biochar realm.